I know, you will be a great Papa..

Its dedicated to you my husband, papah utun, my lifeguard that since first month of my pregnancy you change into a superhero.

  1. I said to you that cat is dangerous for my baby, you take them to your parent house, even with my generousity you take them back to our house.
  2. I said i should eat avocado much than before for my baby, you walking around traditional market to looking for avocado even your shoes covered by mud…im melting papa…
  3. I said i can go alone to hospital because you have to work, you forth and back from your office to hospital for many times just to accompany me to see a doctor..
  4. You wash the cloth, even my underwear, do the dishes, clean the floor, clean the bathroom, and prepare the meal. For you, me and dede utun come first….
  5. You take care of my leg when in the midle of the night i got “kram” ..
  6. Always call me, gave news and ask the condition  wherever you are
  7. Never complain with money i spend for me and the baby…hahahha!
  8. Looking for the food even if its heavy rain out there…

Thats just few of your superhero act during my pregnancy, you are the great papa honey, ill tell our daughter, Adreena, that you do everything for me and for you, he is our hero adreena, we will love each other, take care each other, loving each other…

Love you Papa

Mamah &Adreena


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