Sweet Husband for Sweet Pregnant Mommy



Even imposible to act like sweet when we are pregnant according to my experience, but…but….but…..there still possibility if you have a very very sweet husband like mine….hahahahah!
How come my husband is so sweet? Here the fact:
Absolutely, long time ago before i decided to get married the most important character should be possess by my future husband is patient. Why that character is very important for me? I see my self as someone impatient, impulsif, and careles in most of the situation. So for me patient character can balancing my life. And thank god, he own it! Sometimes when i get angry because no logical reason, he will try to make me slow down with no intens emotion like mine. And thats very need by pregnant momy, because you know why, pregnant woman will easiy get angry with no logical reason or without reason at all.
Mommy needs comes first!
Sometimes we want particular food that far from our reach, but we really want it, Indonesian call it “ngidam”. And my husband try to fulfill it. He try really hard. One time i really want “peuteuy” its indonesian traditional food which most indonesian hate it because of bad smell, but swer it very delicious. He try to find it until he found it in Padang Restaurant in sambal form. This kind of fighter husband really needs by pregnant mommy.
Sacrifice his hobby for mommy health
My husband really like cat, i think he fall in love with cat, i can see it from spark in his eyes whenever he see a cat. Actually he never confess my statement, hahahaha! Cat is little bit problematic for us till i cry because of little bit argument between us. I told him that cat is very dangerous for the baby. And whenever he fried fish, i can’t deal with the smell. He try to move the cat to his parents, but because we are concern about cat stress, we cancel it. But he takes the fried fish from his mother house and keep the cat outside of home, hmmm… fair enough.


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